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Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase

Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase

Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase    Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase
Smart Solution for Broadcast and Live Sound. Designed to excel in live sound and broadcast applications, the Yamaha CL5 digital mixer delivers outstanding sound quality and impressive show control. Connect Rio series stage boxes (not included) for up to 72 mono and eight stereo mixable channels, with 32 channel faders and two master faders for control. Built-in Virtual Circuitry Modeling created by Rupert Neve Designs gives you access to Neve Portico 5033 EQ and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter processors, plus other spot-on emulations of classic hardware processors. And built-in Dan Dugan automatic mixing makes it easy for any operator to optimize microphones and effectively fight feedback.

In short, world-class sound is easily attainable with the Yamaha CL5 digital mixer. Sleek Interface, Amazing Sound Engine. Centralogic UI for straightforward control. Instead of forcing you to sift through endless, complicated menus, all of the CL5's mix controls are accessed via just two displays: Overview and Selected Channel.

The Overview display, which is the CL5's default display, gives you a standard view of an 8-channel group that you select via the Centralogic navigation keys. These keys, laid out just like an 8-channel group on a console, let you easily bring any group of eight channels to the central controls with a single press of a button.

The Selected Channel display gives you in-depth control by letting you zoom in on the channel of your choice to adjust its individual parameters, such as preamp gain, dynamics, and EQ. Right from the inputs all the way through, CL Series consoles are designed for optimum sound quality.

Every aspect of the signal path has been refined, from the individual components and power supply to the grounding scheme, circuit layout and even mechanical construction. Even the AD/DA master clock and FPGA clock signal routing have been engineered to deliver the most musical, high-fidelity sound possible.

Premium effects rack with analog character. Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology allows for ultra-accurate digital emulations of classic analog hardware processors. CL Series consoles come equipped with VCM models of the renowned Neve Portico 5033 EQ and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter. You'll also find stellar-sounding emulations of legendary hardware processors like the 1176, LA-2A and EQP-1A.

In all, you get over 50 effects and processors to apply to inputs, outputs or busses. From adding character to individual tracks to making groups and busses sound larger than life, CL Series consoles deliver studio-quality processing for stage and broadcast.

What it means for you: You can make complicated mix adjustments fast, tap into world-class processing without setting up a rack of hardware, and enjoy amazing sound quality at every gain stage. Advanced Tools to Mix with Precision. Scenes, output delays, DCA groups and more. With up to 300 Scene Memories available you can save and recall complete console setups, saving you serious time in repetitive mixing applications.

Built-in Input and Output Delays offer up to 1000ms delay to compensate for phase issues and room tuning. You can group multiple input channels to 16 DCA groups for more convenient mixing, and any channels can be assigned to any of 8 mute groups for instant muting or dimming. For power users, 16 user-defined keys allow you instant access to Tap Tempo, Set by Selection, or any other imperative functions that don't have a dedicated button on the console.

Faders you'll want to mix with for a lifetime. The faders on CL Series consoles feel comfortable and responsive under your fingers at any angle.

Yamaha added non-slip inserts for smoother fades, and the sculpted edges help give you a better view of the fader scale. Set up your show and mix remotely. Use the CL StageMix application to turn your iPad into a wireless remote control to set up and operate your CL Series console. It goes far beyond tweaking channel faders you can manage scene data, edit patch lists and channel names, configure I/O settings and more.

What it means for you: You'll be able to manage high channel counts and complex productions efficiently, set up your show on your iPad before you get to the venue, and you'll have the tactile response precision mixing demands. CL Series consoles and I/O racks communicate via Dante, allowing you to create fast and efficient audio systems that can be as simple or as complex as you need. Up to eight I/O rack units can be connected to any CL Series console, from anywhere in your facility.

Dante also makes it easy to set up redundant primary and secondary lines for each device, crucial in live sound and broadcast applications. Expand your input channel count with Cascade Link. Yamaha offers expansion cards for CL Series consoles that allow them to be cascade-connected. When you require a larger number of input channels, expanding your rig is as easy as connecting another CL Series console with a single cable.

Yamaha's CL Series consoles offer maximum flexibility when it comes to recording. Seamless integration with Nuendo Live is built in, and the Dante Virtual Soundcard software supports direct multitrack recording to any DAW. For a simple stereo recording of your show, just connect a USB flash drive. What it means for you: You can scale your system to whatever size you need, extend the size of your control surface by simply adding another mixer, and you'll have truly professional solutions for multitrack recording.

Scale Your System to Size. Connect up to eight Rio I/O units. Yamaha CL series consoles communicate with Yamaha's Rio I/O boxes via Dante, allowing for fast and efficient system design for live sound and broadcast.

Up to eight I/O units can be connected to your CL series console, and you can place them anywhere that you need in your facility. All Rio I/O boxes support redundant connectivity for maximum reliability. Set up your network fast and easy. One reason sound engineers love Dante is that it sets up quickly in most cases, all the devices on the network are recognized and configured automatically. And all signal patching can be done on your CL series console, no separate computer interface required. Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer Features. 72 mono and 8 stereo mixable channels. Touchscreen display for intuitive control over the Centralogic user interface. Built-in Dante interface plus 3 MY-card slots for digital expansion.

Control port for computer control (wired or Wi-Fi). Portico 5033 EQ and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter processors designed by Rupert Neve Designs. Dan Dugan automatic mixing system easily optimizes microphone gain and fights feedback. 1 x (one) CL5 Digital Audio Console. 2 x (two) LED console lights.

1 x R&R 3 piece road case, with wood doghouse. If more control surfaces or I/O are needed, contact me to work on package pricing for multiple surfaces and Rio's. The item "Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase" is in sale since Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

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  • Number of Channels: 72
  • Model: CL5
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Analog/Digital: Digital
  • Powered/Non-Powered: Non-Powered
  • Number of Buses: 24
  • Suited For: Front of House (FOH)
  • Type: Mixing Console
  • Brand: Yamaha

Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase    Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console with R&R Roadcase